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I'm back again, looking at your obituary wondering how could this happen to you. You were still young and vibrant before the ALS attacked you. I promise I will try to help the ALS Association in finding a cure. Mom, Charles, and I really miss you--I know the rest of them do too, but I know that our hearts are ripped to pieces since you left us........... One day, Pops, I will see you again and I want you to huge me with your working arms and say "Baby Girl, I sure have missed you!"

Posted by: Amy Weldon - Montgomery, AL - Daughter   Feb 04, 2013

I miss you!!!!! I want more time with you. I love you so much!

Posted by: Amy - Montgomery, AL - Daughter   Jul 13, 2012

This Sunday is Father's Day--I am truly going to be lost without having you here to celebrate the day. I will visiting you on that day, but it's not the same looking at a grave verses giving you a great big ole' hug!!!!!! I love you so much and miss you with every breath of my being.............. I wish you could come back and be with us--in a good healthy condition. I am really sorry that you got sick and

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Posted by: Amy Weldon - Montgomery, AL - Father   Jun 13, 2012

i miss my soul mate everyday ,it still don't seem real, i look for oneal every place i go ,he was so good to me ,and he made me laugh all the time ,i love him so much and that will never die, i know he watching out for me still , i can still hear his voice telling me not to do something, but i know i will be with him soon and that makes me happy just to

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Posted by: carolyn johnson - montgomery, AL - wife   Jun 10, 2012

I have many memories of Oneal, Larry and I in the supplyroom at Carter/Lanier
I know he will be missed by many. He always kept me laughing about something. I am Janie Ramsey

Posted by: janie ramsey - Lanett, AL - co-worker @Carter/Lanier supplyr   Apr 24, 2012

The day you passed on to the Lord you took a big piece of my heart with you. You taught me so much throughout the 20 1/2 years that you were my daddy. I remember how you taught me to balance my checkbook, to pay bills, and you even taught me how to penny pinch!!!! We had so much fun together--fishing, going on vacation, or even just sitting around shooting the breeze.

I miss you soooooo much and I can't wait until the day we meet again in Heaven! I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU POPS!

Posted by: Amy Weldon - Montgomery, AL - Daughter   Apr 10, 2012

It doesn't seem like you've been gone a week today, but each day is one day closer to getting to see you again. You are such a important person in my life and it is not the same with you in heaven, but God needed you there and I know you are one happy person Love you so much and miss you more each day. Catch a big fish for me!

Posted by: Linda B - Lanett, AL - niece   Apr 09, 2012

Theres really not much that I could say more then how much I love you and how unreal this seems to be. I do have a few great memories of you like when I worked at lanier mill and you would scare the heck out of me from time to time and how you always made me laugh when I would come to the supply room and ask you if I could get a carton of grease and you would

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Posted by: Robby Watson - Valley, AL - Great nephew   Apr 09, 2012

O`neal was a good friend and I am sorry to hear this. I remember Charles and Billy when they were growing up and I am sure they will miss their dad.

Posted by: Larry Hurst - LaFayette, AL - friend   Apr 07, 2012

Though i have never met you in person in these 12-years that i have known your daughter Amy. I do know you. I have seen pictures of you. She spoke of you all the time. You were always the light in her eyes and the joy in her heart. She had so much love & respect for you. She loved you dearly,
i got that message/impression early on in my relationship with Amy.
I will miss Amy talking about you. And i

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Posted by: Patricia Hampton - Montgomery, AL - Amy's my best friend & Co-worker   Apr 05, 2012