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Hey gram, I haven't wrote on here in forever! I think about you every day. I'm staying with poppy for the summer and ive been helping aunt lisa with the lawn. Tomorrow poppye is going to get the sim card to your old phine and ill see if I can find any recordings of your voice. I love you gram. I miss you more and more each day. I know ill soon be with you again. Going through the old

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Posted by: Connor Bland - Bristol, CT - Grandson   Jul 17, 2015

Hey gram,

I miss you a lot. I know your with me everyday! Next weekend is the balloon fest and its going to be hard having Poppye here but not you. like always. The Saturday after the balloon fest is sis's baby shower. It would have been your first great grandchild! At the baby shower there is going to be a seat marked "A seat for the loved ones that could no longer be with us and share this moment with

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Posted by: Connor Bland - plainville, CT - Grandson   Aug 14, 2014

Hey Gram,

I find myself constantly writing to you over all of these internet sites, let it be facebook or here. I feel like when I write here you can connect with me. I hope that the angels we have walking around down here on earth can send back up the messages that we all leave you. I dont have to tell you how much that I miss you because I tell you every other day of the week. I want

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Posted by: Eryn Bland - Plainville, CT - Granddaughter   Apr 30, 2013

Hey baby,

I know i haven't written to you on facebook or this lately but I miss you more than ever on days like this..the weekends. I would be over all day and wouldn't want to go home.I love you more than ever and I don't want you to forget that and I know you are always watching me and giving me strength not breaking down in class,getting through the CMT'S and just everyday things. I will never forget or

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Posted by: Connor - plainville, CT - grandson   Mar 09, 2013

Hi Hun It"s been a while but i still wish you were going to come home. I think about you day and night. It"s not getting easier.I have so much to tell you maybe you can read my mine. I want to wish you Happy Birthday; remember some years it was the 7th or 8th or both. I want to tell you that everyone misses you but not as mush as me. I"ll Love You Forever.

Posted by: Dale - Indianapolis - Husband   Feb 08, 2013

I am lighting a candle for you Mom for your birthday. I know you will be glad it's just one and not your actual years...they might burn the house down...haha!

Love and miss you everyday.

Posted by: Donna Hatchett - Edinburgh, IN - Daughter   Feb 08, 2013

Miss you now more than ever, Gram. Love you forever and can't wait till I can see you again.

Posted by: Eryn - Plainville, CT - Granddaughter   Nov 23, 2012

Today marks four weeks Mom...I miss you so very much. I am trying to figure out how to live this life without you here. A task that seems monumental.

You are never far from me...I carry you in my heart. As I pray for God's healing and comfort, I continue to step forward...which means one step closer to you.

You are unforgettable and missed by so many.

Love you for eternity,

Posted by: Donna Hatchett - Edinburgh, IN - Daughter   Oct 16, 2012

Dear Dale and family,
We are truly sorry for your loss. May the memories you have fill your hearts with love and less pain when you think of her at this difficult time. May you also feel her presence when you need her most. Our sincere condolences. *Rest in peace, Bobbye.
Respectfully: The Ludwigs
Patty, Mark,
Emily & Brianna

Posted by: Patty Ludwig - Avon, IN - Friend   Oct 01, 2012

I'm so sorry to hear onyour passing Bobbye, so many memories of my early childhood were spent at your house in Burlington while Mikey and I were up to our usual antics. You were an amazing woman to those that got the chance to know you. Hope you rest peacefully in heaven. With love, Jess

Posted by: Jessica - Bristol, CT - Friend   Sep 25, 2012