George Edwin Thompson

  • Born: February 26, 1934
  • Died: January 4, 2013
  • Location: Mesquite, Texas

Restland Funeral Home and Cemetery

13005 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75243
Tel. (972) 238-7111

Tribute & Message From The Family

THOMPSON, GEORGE EDWIN born February 26, 1934 in Pittsburgh, PA and passed away January 4, 2013 in Mesquite, TX. He is survived by his sister, Adella Hicks.

Graveside service will be held at 9:30 AM, Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at DFW National Cemetery in Dallas, TX.


Condolence & Memory Journal

I met George through the EC list. I loved his sense of humor. I just found out today that he had passed. I had changed computers and lost his email.
I loved his sense of humor! He could really make me laugh. I heard many stories about him. He used to say when he died, he wanted an obelisk with taco bell on it in his memory. I sure wish I'd saved his stories. 4/23/14

Posted by Billie Trout Patterson - Martinsville, IL - friend   April 23, 2014

I knew George way back from when he sat next to me in home room at Dormont High School and was a neighbor from two streets up the hill.
Even back then he was truly amazing: an observant fellow who zipped around school, was interested in pharmacy, knew everyone and had a super-sharp sense of humor.

After graduation we each went our way and I lost sight of him for many years. Then one day a number of years ago he contacted me through the Internet and after that we were in touch constantly, both on line and by phone. He was a hilarious, honest, sincere, and truly loyal friend who was always there for me, as he was for so many others.

In spite of his constant and extremely serious health problems, he never once forgot about us or stopped helping and caring for us. He kept up with so much! An admirable hero in his own unique way, he will indeed be missed by the many, many friends he has left behind.

He is in a safe place now, but I dont think for one minute he is resting.
As always, he is there rooting for all of us, watching and caring, cheerful and positive, bless his soul!!

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to his sister and family.


Posted by Barbara Lininger - Pittsburgh, PA - High school friend   February 10, 2013


George, you were such an inspiration to many!! THANK YOU! ! Thank you for your service, your humor, your were one of a kind ! I have been reading your posts for the past 10 years and you always made me laugh and you helped sooo many. God Bless you!! You WILL be missed!!

Posted by Terry Whyte - Howell, NJ - Ec Group friend   February 05, 2013


Oh George-

How Pete and I will miss your 'good' (and 'bad') humour...and contacts over the years.

I can only hope you are 'warming up' the audience in the hereafter...where we ALL will eventually make our appearances...

You are sorely missed here for us...yet in a strange way...looking forward to 'meeting' you!!

michele & pete

Posted by michele - EC group friend   February 03, 2013

I am so sad to read the news of the death of my Dormont High School classmate, George Thompson. Because of the Internet, we have been in frequent contact for a number of years now. I depended on George to keep me UPDATED on all the news of various class members. He always AMAZED me how he remembered every person and the exact dates and events in his life, and oh, how he made me smile as he recalled this teacher or that teacher and hilarious things that happened back in Dormont High School. I had a number of e-mails from him in December, and when I didn't hear from him in January, I was so afraid something was WRONG. Please know, George, we are all SAD and missing you.

Posted by Carol Jones Saint - Erie, PA - Classmate DHS 1952   February 03, 2013

I can't believe your not with us any more. I looked forward to your e-mails every day and when I didn't receive any for awhile I was hoping so bad that maybe your computer was down.I know when you didn't hear from me for awhile you were sure to check on me. Will miss your jokes (raunchy and all) and I'm sure your keeping them all laughing up there. Will miss you classmate.Jackie Ehland

Posted by Jackie Ehland - Pittsburgh, PA - Classmate   February 03, 2013

Several of George's classmates have always enjoyed George's emails, whether clean or slightly dirty. His vast knowledge of the people he grew up with was a valued part of our relationship.

My husband (Lynn -- DHS Class of '53) has the same physical problems as George -- so we traded information and kept one another's spirits up as best we could.

He will be missed -- as others have noted -- his wit -- his memories and his steadfastness.

RIP -- Prepare a place for us...

Posted by Betty Smiley Chrise - Monroeville, PA - Dormont Class of 1952 Classmate   February 03, 2013

I was so sorry to hear that George has passed on. I knew him from the EC List and he was one of the first people to contact me. We "talked" just a few times, and he was caring and kind. I would see some of his posts on line and actually laugh out loud, because I couldn't believe what he had written!
Rest in Peace George...I hope you are having a great time!

Posted by Jenifer Foley - Newport, RI - friend   February 03, 2013

Knew George only through an e-support group for esophageal cancer survivors and caregivers. I enjoyed his sense of humor and he will be missed! So sorry to hear of his passing.

Posted by Elizabeth Dyches - Barnwell, SC - e friend   February 03, 2013

George and I communicated by email over various topics main one being EC. He was always quick to respond when someone needed advice or just a shoulder to lean on. His sense of humour (sometimes and little risque) was always a hoot and I will so much miss him. How sad it is we do not say these things to someone before they die, hopefully he knows!! RIP in peace George.

Posted by Robyn Allan - Dubbo. New South Wales Austr - EC Friend   February 03, 2013

Along with most of the others, the up and down adventures with EC were when George Thompson became a true, helpful friend. When my husband, Bob was diagnosed with EC in 2000, so many helped us through it with many answers to my questions. Around the last 120 days in the hospital in 2001 with Bob, many came to my aid and I certainly appreciated it and will never forget the kindness shown to both Bob and me.

I loved his sense of humor and his witty responses. He knew when to be witty and knew when not to be.

He will be missed.

Here's a little note between us. We were discussing how long we wanted to live.


At 11:06 AM 6/14/2006, Lois J. Hinshaw wrote:

I'm shooting for 100. You'll be there shortly after I am. How do you think we will be communicating by that time?!!

=====> Lois, we will be singing to each other as we play our harps while sitting on clouds in our white robes.

The Archangel

Posted by Lois J. Hinshaw - Kellogg, IA - Friend   February 02, 2013


RIP George. Keep 'em laughing in heaven...

Posted by Peg Lucas - Williamstown, PA   February 02, 2013

Sure am going to miss all of George's e-mails and story=exchanges we've had since the Advent of the Internet. It was always a trip down Memory Lane bringing each other up to date on mutual friends, etc.

It is heart warming to see all of the lives touched by his care and concern of those with whom he had common ground of EC. He was brave and optimistic always and never lost his sense of humor.

My most sincere sympathy to his sister and his friends,

Mary Fran

Posted by Mary Fran Sciulli - Columbus, OH - friend from high school in Pa   February 02, 2013


When my husband was diagnosed with EC George was there. He held my hand on line, gave me advice and listened to me cry. He gave me time and we found out we were both in Texas and both he and my husband were Vets. He was a comfort and I am so sorry he is gone. I will miss him.

Posted by Mim Aiken - Arlington, TX - Acquaintance   February 02, 2013


George was a member of the E/C network, and my husband and I joined when my husband was newly DX. We had many, many questions about this disease and George was there eager to answer all of our questions. He even called my husband and I (which meant so much to us). He was a very "straight foward" person. He was loved, hated and misunderstood by many, but one thing for sure he will be greatly missed.
Love and miss you George just the way you were. My husband passed with this horrible disease, so maybe Ken and George are swapping old war stories.
Pamela Linville, widow of Kenneth Linville

Posted by Pamela Linville - erwin, TN - FRIEND   January 31, 2013

LIke so many, George reached out through the ACOR list to my late husband when he was diagnosed with EC, and to me personally after Bill's death. He regularly reminded me of his Canadian roots. I loved his salty humour and ribald wit - he was like a big kid, constantly in trouble with the ever-so-stern list moderators. I have a few emails from him saved and they are jewels - pure George humour! He also had a huge heart. He cared deeply about people. He seemed to know instinctively that he set himself up and took the fall for all of us who considered his inappropriate humour utterly hilarious - in the darkest hours of our lives. And we thought he would live forever....tho' we all knew better. Rest in peace, George. To his family - you have lost a sweet sweet man, who made the world a better place and kept the sauerkraut industry in Texas alive singlehandedly!

Posted by Cheryl Hawkes - TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - ACOR group for esophageal cancer   January 31, 2013

George was a real character and so many of us surely enjoyed his wit on ACOR. He brought smiles to many faces and many laughs. Keeping up with his on again off again "under review" was enough to keep everyone hopping. He was a joy to so many of us reading the list. George had many friends here and I am sure there, also. God bless you, George, for everything you did for everyone on ACOR and also for your country.

RIP, Good Man!!

Posted by Cyndi Campbell - Minooka, IL   January 31, 2013

George was the first person from the ACOR group that called me back in 2008 when my husband was diagnosed. A caring, compassionate man George was one of the funniest men I've ever known.

I loved his ribald humor and his ability to constantly be in trouble and under review!

Here's hoping all the men and women he touched this side of heaven are welcoming him to the other side.

Thank you, George. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Marilyn Slagel - Panama, IL - friend   January 31, 2013

George reached out to me through the on line EC group when I was first diagnosed ten years ago.I was so scared and he helped me during that time. He had the greatest since of humor and many helpful tips. I will miss him...

Posted by Bobbi - MT   January 31, 2013

I am very sorry for your loss. George reached out to me when my husband was diag. with Esophageal Cancer.. I like his straight forwardness in helping me deal with being a caregiver and his words of wisdom in getting thorugh our journey. He will be missed by me and all in the EC group. Thank you George. Jean

Posted by jean - NY   January 31, 2013

I always looked forward to messages and words of wisdom from George. He was very supportive to all of us that were dealing with cancer one way or another. He really made a difference....thank you George and may you rest in peace.

Posted by Kelly Reiten - Puyallup, WA - Friend From EC Group   January 31, 2013

I couldn't believe it could be true- kept waiting to hear George provide the punch line that he's still here and kickin. As so many others have said, George contacted me through our Esophageal Cancer site and encouraged me, shared information and made me laugh out loud. Thank you, George for reminding me that one person can make a difference and be wickedly funny as well. You'll be missed!

Posted by Margaret    January 31, 2013

When my husband was diagnosed with EC in 2006, George was the first to welcome us to the EC list with compassion, humor and outrageous disrespect for the affliction. He was a shining beacon in those early days--in a time when no one wanted to laugh, he found a way to make us smile.

Posted by Dianna(King) Baldwin - Arlington, WA - Fellow EC list member   January 31, 2013

Ms. Hicks. I just wanted you to know that so many were blessed by George's humor and candidness in the EC group. He was one of a kind and always such a reality check for me! He had so many words of wisdom and support for my husband, Mike, who died in 2007 with EC. They shared war stories! May you find peace in the days ahead and feel pride knowing how many peoples' lives he positively affected over the years. His spirit must have passed this way....I was thinking about him and just sent him a private email the day before he died.
Sincerely, Cindy Marcou

Posted by Cindy Marcou - Cincinnati, OH - friend from EC group   January 30, 2013

I read many of George's posts. He will be missed...Rhonda Small

Posted by Rhonda Small - Kennesaw, GA - acquaintance   January 30, 2013

George made me and my husband laugh all the time. My Henry was battling EC and always got such a kick out of George and his timely responses, antics, and hilarity. Lost my Henry December 4, 2010 and I am sure if there is a way, they have met up for a few laughs and a midnight cheeseburger!
peace to you george!
Laurie Johnson and my angel Henry

Posted by Laurie Johnson - Virginia Beach, VA - friend from EC support   January 30, 2013


You were the light in our darkest days George. You gave so much hope, and the courage to hang in there. Finally no more time out for you due to your quirky humor. Will your doctor miss his annual bottle from you?? What wonderful memories from a wonderful man. RIP George

Posted by Pat Wilson - OH   January 30, 2013

George was a big help when my dad was diagnosed with EC in 2007. And then we discovered a common belief that our dogs were "human". I will miss sharing those stories with him. I had not even had an opportunity to tell him about my new family member that is part dachshund. Rest in peace and hope your four legged friends do not miss you too much.

Posted by Meg Hulme - Atlanta, GA - EC support group   January 30, 2013

George, I know you are reading all these messages. I bet if you can find a way you will reply with yet another of your infamous sayings. I know you will enjoy your life ever after and I for one of many will look forward to meeting you personally in the great hereafter - assuming you haven"t got yourself booted out before I arrive ( OK, if I arrive).

You will be missed, but we could"t keep you forever. Rest in peace friend.

Posted by Robert Marvin - Diamond Bar, CA - EC Friend   January 30, 2013

George reached out to my husband and I throughout our Esophageal Cancer journey. He was always straight forward and so supporting of us. We on the EC list will miss his posts. He was one of a kind.

Posted by Linda Weeks - Lansing, MI - email support group member   January 30, 2013

Rest in peace. You were admired and loved by many people that have not met you. You always spoke your mind and never took crap.

Leonard E. Mandel

Posted by Leonard Mandel - Bayside, NY - freind   January 30, 2013

George, you will be missed! The EC group was never the same without your daily funny, dirty jokes and amazing stories...but still, every once in a while, you were coming back to stir things up! You were such an inspiration. We won't hear from you anymore, but your sense of humor will always be missed! So many people are writing now to you to thank you for all your help during the years....RIP now.

Posted by Barbara - NY - EC group   January 30, 2013

George will be dearly missed, he was a pleasure to hear from over the past 10 yearsI I have been associated with the Esphogeal Cancer listserve. Rest in Peace George!

Posted by Ken and Cindi Palmatier - Rock City Falls, NY   January 30, 2013

George, RIP, you old coot!!!

Posted by John Kochanowski - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Friend Through EC Group   January 30, 2013


George in finally at peace. I've know George shortly after my diagnosis w/EC in 2/97. The EC discussion group was just getting started and he called me to offer words of advice and support. He and Al Levinson really got the ball rolling w/the EC ACOR discussion group that is still active today.
I use to bust George's chops telling him he must be a hockey player. He spent more time in the "PENALTY BOX" [ALSO known as "under review"] then anybody ever did w/ACOR. He always loved stirring the pot that's for sure and he took pride in it. I actually called him Rob Ray once and he just laughed.
George was one of those love/hate kind of guys. Either people loved him or they hated him and George returned those feelings. I've gotta say...I'd love to see what his phone bills were like...especially in the early days. He called just about every single person that ever came to the group, introduced himself and offered support and help. And his on-line jokes ...well...let's just say...people either thought they were very crude or they cracked people up.
Obne thing for sure....that everybody could agree with is that George was a "piece of work"!
And George....thanks for your service to this country and to all of the EC community as well. RIP !!!!

Posted by STEVE PRESTON - PENFIELD, NY - ASK GEORGE !!!   January 30, 2013

I knew George through the Esophageal Cancer support group on the internet. He would occasionally send me humerous emails during the years I fought inoperable, "Incurable" and "unlikely to go in remission" Stage 4B esophageal cancer. I give George's humor (not appreciated by all) part of the credit in being "all clear" seven years after the original diagnosis. His familiarity with the Richmond, Petersburg and Washington area from his years being stationed around here was awsome. As a former Air Force man remembering a long term Army veteran, I believe there is plenty of room in heaven for the likes of George.

Posted by Bill Rogerson - Midlothian, VA - Friend in EC survivorship   January 30, 2013


Rest in Peace, "Famous Texan". I shall miss you greatly, and the EC Group will never be the same without your wisdom, perspective and humor.

Posted by John Gibney - Pittsburgh, PA - Friend   January 30, 2013


First, I have to say how shocked and sorry I am to learn about George.

During the past 6 years, like everyone here, George and I emailed each other all the time. In fact, I have been sending him messages all this time and thought something was wrong. I sent him some terrific jokes I know he would have loved and he would always respond with some over-the-top answer. Silence was not a good sign.

I knew the story of George's life, how he loved life and his love for his dogs. He was such a good person and often misunderstood. He had the ability to ease the devastation of having esophageal cancer and it's consequences. It all never seemed so bad after a message from George. I was in good company!

Rest in peace while you spice up your new forever home. I miss you very much.

Posted by Mickey Solomon - Grayslake, IL - Friend   January 30, 2013

I knew George from the EC list. He was very helpful to a very scared woman. I enjoyed his truthfulness and candor. We will miss him. .

Posted by Diane Wilson - Lee Summit, MO   January 30, 2013

George, you will be missed. I loved your sense of humor, and enjoyed trading jokes with you "off the List". When you get to where you're going, say hello to Ray Warke and all the other's we've lost over the years.

Posted by Judy Anderson - Kingstree, SC - Fellow EC survivor.   January 30, 2013

George was a great source of encouragement when I was battling esophageal cancer. He and full of wit and humor. Mark Richardson

Posted by Mark Joseph Richardson - Pattaya Thailand and Austin, TX - acquaintence   January 30, 2013


I am truly saddened to learn of George's passing. He was a wonderful, caring man with a keen sense of humor.( sometimes, a little ribald). My husband suffered from EC. George reached out to us immediately, providing support and laughter. He made my husband laugh when there was very little to smile about. I shall always love him for that. I am one of hundreds who felt George's loving, generous, and supportive nature. May he rest in peace. He did so much good in his life.

Rest in peace, dear George, I am sure there are many former EC patients who were glad to see you in the afterlife. I am sure you will bring them a smile!

Posted by Jackie Cocozza - Randolph,, NJ - Friend   January 30, 2013

In 1999 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, I "met" George in an online cancer group. He was so knowledgeable, encouraging, as he took the ride with us in our journey with cancer. He gave his time to phone, e-mail, and offer any kind of support he could.

He had a keen mind and an excellent sense of humor. He provided many good laughs in the midst of the struggle with the disease.

Godspeed, George. We will miss you.

Elaine Conner

Posted by Elaine Conner - Garland, TX   January 30, 2013

I will miss knowing you are on this Earth, George. You were a kind, witty and very human guiding light in my esophageal cancer journey with my father. I will miss your compassion and your humor.

Posted by Jill Kemock - Redlands, CA   January 30, 2013


Thanks for all your support to those sharing and esophageal cancer journey

Posted by Barbara Emery - Philadelphia, PA - ec friend   January 30, 2013

I have lost a a very dear friend. We were both survivors of Esophageal Cancer and many times I would receive an encouraging e-mail from George when I was having some health problems. We exchanged jokes and many nostalgic stories. Many don't know that George was one of the original founders of the Esophageal Cancer List and spent many hours and phone calls to newly diagnosed EC patients or caregivers. I catch myself trying to e-mail him something I think he will find funny. His humor was such that many did not understand, but he was a kind soul. I will miss him everyday.

Posted by Jane Pickett - Madison, MS - Friend   January 30, 2013

George helped us through our journey with Esophageal Cancer. His sense of humor never failed to make us laugh. His private messages to us sustained us when things got bad with treatment. We will never forget you, George.
Rest in Peace.

Janet and Bob

Posted by Janet Aand Bob Jankel - Burlington,, VT - friend   January 29, 2013

I truly loved everything about George. He was the real deal and will be greatly missed by those of us who really cared about him. His cousin, who is a physician, lives about 7 miles from me in the next township over, Dickinson Township. Rest in peace George. You deserve it.

Mickey Love

Posted by Mickey Love - Newville, PA - Friend   January 29, 2013

This is truely the George we all new and loved for his humor and advice to those of us who, as he, had recovered from Esophageal Cancer. I know this is the same George we all knew as he and I had the same birthday February 26th. He was one year older than I and we joked about that and many more things during our 12 years of corresponding with one another. He will be dearly missed.

Posted by Lee Hartman - Kamiah, ID - Friend   January 29, 2013


I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Esophogeal Cancer and jointed an EC group George was apart of. He was the most wonderful man to me - made me laugh and gave me hope every day to survive. He emailed me at times with great stories and great inspiration. I will truly miss George! Sure he is with the big guy in the sky sharing all his stories and experience of life! My condolences to his family.

Posted by Diana Hahn - Cincinnati, OH - EC Survivor - just like George   January 29, 2013

I am not sure if this is my friend George, I last heard from him early January. The age is correct and location. He had dachunds and was an esophageal survivor as I am. I usually hear from him daily via e-mail and have not received anything recently.

Posted by Jane Pickett - Madison, MS - Esophageal Cancer Friend   January 29, 2013